Sucre: A Sweet Boutique


To find a perfect Parisian Macaron in New Orleans shouldn’t surprise; after all our roots are in France with street names like Bourbon, Toulouse, Dumaine, our world famous Mardi Gras festival, and our very special take on French cuisine.

In a city that care forgot but one that remembers its French heritage, it won’t surprise to find Sucré, a Sweet Boutique with two New Orleans locations and a Confection Studio that ships nationwide.

It’s here in Mid-City where we carefully handcraft our macarons, chocolates, toffee, candied nuts, cakes, gelatos, and drinking chocolates operating on the pleasure principal of taste above all.

You might be surprised when you bite into our macarons; their smooth crackly dome, underlying chewy tender center sitting on its delicate ruffled foot, a layer of creamy Mousseline, then repeat, tender and chewy and out through the 2nd crackly dome. No two ways about it, this is a perfect cookie.

And you’ll definitely be surprised at the distance the little French Macaron has traveled in taste and variety. The top, bottom, and in between have given our Executive Chef Tariq Hanna the opportunity to improvise endlessly on the classic Almond Meringue Cookie with its Almond Mousseline filling, one of our signature flavors which uses the best Spanish Marcona Almonds. From there Sucré handcrafts a whole array of Macaron Collections, a delicious testament to improvisation using the best ingredients with flawless attention to detail.

Sucré’s Signature Macarons

Including the classic Almond, move on to the other Signature Macarons in our Bestselling Signature Collection filled with an artful assortment of flavors; Strawberry, Pistachio, Pecan, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, and Bananas Foster. Each macaron cookie is seated safely for travel in special custom packaging, lovely pastel gift box with a happy striped lid, and tied with a little pink ribbon, a gift to make any giftee happy especially if that happens to be you.

New Orleans Flavors

NOLA Macaron Collection

Sucré has used the quintessential tastes of the city and infused our Macarons and their fillings with those iconic flavors. The New Orleans Macaron Collection features Salted Caramel, Southern Pecan, Bananas Foster, and Chicory Macarons. If you were in Paris you’d likely go to the Louvre, smile like the Mona Lisa; in New Orleans you’ll probably go to Café du Monde for a Chicory Café au Lait, and have Bananas Foster for breakfast (better at 11pm after a long dinner.) If New Orleans could be contained in a box, the New Orleans Macaron Collection would be it so if you’d like a little bit of the city delivered to your door, see our Macaron Collections at


The New Orleans Macaron Collection is one of our bestselling and can also be combined with our New Orleans Chocolate Collection showcasing many of the same signature flavors and infusing them into luscious chocolate candies.

Sucré has its way with chocolate; first we source the best cacao beans in the world. Fuse that with the perfect cookie, the Macaron, add a filling of milk chocolate caramel ganache, coat the whole thing in dark chocolate and top with gold leaf and you’re on the receiving end of your just rewards…if you’ve been very, very good. The Chocolate Covered Macaron Collection is available in 15 or 8 piece sets and can be combined with our classic 15 piece New Orleans Collection, featuring our Avery, Magnolia, Blangé, Meunière, and Chicory chocolates.

Seasonal Offerings

Chef Hanna is an artist, so, like most artists, and scientists, he’s always coming up with something new, experimenting. This is especially so with seasonal ingredients that come and go.

Our Summer Macaron Collection assembles the bright flavors of the season with the sun-ripened macaron flavors of Lemon Buttercream with a Blackberry Jam center infused with balsamic & cassis and Sweet Vanilla Buttercream with a Southern Peach Marmalade!

Other seasonal delicacies available at peak of the season are White Chocolate and Raspberry Macarons offered at the end of December through Valentines, Peppermint Macarons available end of October through the holiday season, and Peanut Butter and Jelly Macarons our back to school special. Our very popular White Chocolate Lavender reminds us Spring has returned, popular for good reason, it’s divine!

The best way to keep up with Sucré’s newest seasonal Macarons is by becoming a member of the Macaron Club. You’ll receive a 15 piece box of both signature Sucré favorites as well as seasonal specialties each month. We also offer a 6 month Club and a Quarter Club.

Special Events

For weddings and special events macarons make terrific party favors. Choose any flavor of either macarons or chocolates or create a combination of both to fit into your 2-piece box. Available in silver/white, classic green/brown, and Mardi Gras themed colors. Please email or call us at 504-708-4366 to customize your favor box selections.

To You

At Sucré we are hopeless romantics when it comes to this wondrous little cookie and so we make the most of it. We hope you will too. Order Macarons today and we will rush them to you safe and sound, and fresh. If you’re visiting New Orleans please drop by for tea and Macarons and lots of sweet surprises.